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Valentin Kannicht

2020: Online advanced training in the Primary Alexander Method (Mio Morales, New York), and in holistic online coaching based on the principles of the F.M. Alexander Technique (Penelope Eastern, County Clare, Ireland).

Since 2019 self-employment with holistic individual coaching and workshop offers according to the F.M. Alexander Technique in the System.Body.Space in Leipzig.

2016- 2019: Training as Alexander Technique teacher with Dan Armon at the School for F.M. Alexander Technique, Berlin.

2015-2018: Project staff in the nationwide model project: integrated educational support in day care centers and more social space reference

2012- 2015: master’s program in social work at EHS (Evangelische Hochschule Dresden).

2011-2012: Pedagogical activity in a reintegration project of guilt-distanced youth

2010-2011: Erasmus semester (“Universidad de Sevilla”, Spain).

March 2009: Assistance in a dance workshop in the context of a “media-pedagogical week” (Catholic University of Applied Sciences, Mainz).

Since 2008: study of special education (Bachelor of Arts; Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg).

2008: Basic dance training in “New Dance” (Freiburg im Breisgau).

2007 – 2008: voluntary social year in an intercultural center in Volterra, Italy

2007: High school graduation in Kaiserslautern, Germany, award for organizing a fundraising project “Aktion Tagwerk für Ruanda”

1987: Born in Marktheidenfeld

Holistic coaching

Breaking old patterns, changing unwanted habits, being present, being clear and making good choices, learning healthier postures in everyday life, relieving and avoiding physical pain, experiencing calm and relaxation. These are the most frequently experienced effects of the Alexander Technique, the core method of my holistic coaching with my clients.

How does holistic coaching work?

Holistic means exploring the process of investigating patterns, habits, postures, etc. That I coach holistically means incorporating mental and physical aspects. Very concrete techniques are taught that can be tried and deepened in everyday life between sessions without much effort, which allows for a very lasting effect. Many people also use the option of combining coaching with a relaxing and tension-relieving treatment on the couch.


I am a certified instructor of the German Association for Alexander Technique (ATVD) of this holistic method, whose core principle is for me both professional and passionate. In addition, I have a basic educational training (Bachelor’s of Special Education, Master’s of Social Work) with professional experience as a project coordinator, as well as the author of various professional articles. I’m currently also part-time as a lecturer at the Evangelical University of Applied Sciences Dresden.


I receive inquiries about both private and professional coaching, on a physical or personal level. We work on posture problems and resulting back pain or specific work on voice, posture, presence in appearance and contact, among other things.

Another core area of work is learning strategies that enable people to navigate more consciously through challenging or stressful situations at work and in everyday life by recognizing physical signals and thus being able to control their own reactions better and more consciously. Some people simply come out of curiosity, to explore themselves and discover new potentials in themselves.


Online offer: video coaching from home or office

Single session 40 min35 €
Pack of 10: 30 € per session
Single session 60 min
40 €
Pack of 10: 35 € per session

Individual coaching at System.Körper.Raum: 1-on-1 coaching

Single session 45 min40 €
Pack of 6: 35 € per session
Single session 60 min50 €
Pack of 6: 45 € per session