Ali Schwartz

Systemic Therapist
Couple / Family Therapist (DGSF)

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“The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.”

Ester Perel

Biography / Queer Friendly

I see my role as a process facilitator and work trauma-informed and culture-sensitive.

This is a queer friendly space and LGTBQIA+ folks are welcome here.

I am white, jewish, queer, able-bodied and use she/her or no pronouns.
I had access to higher education and hold a German and US passport.

2020-2021: Training in Systemic Therapy (GST)
Training in Psychotherapy for Trans* people (Gisela Wolf, Mari Günther)
Training in Trauma therapy (Verbundprojekt ECQAT)

since 2019: Systemic Counselling Freelancer

2017-2019: Training in Systemic Counselling, Gesellschaft für Systemische Therapie (GST), Berlin

since 2014: Freelancer in Political Education, Performance and Dance Pedagogy

2012-2015: Pedagogue at International Schools (IB, Deutsche Schule) in Stockholm,
Artistic director at Yante- Community Dance Palestine, Ramallah

2006-2012: Studies in Ethics/Philosophy, English, Physical Education, University of Würzburg

1986: born in Würzburg

What is Systemic Body Therapy?

I believe that we are all experts for our own way of living and know deep down exactly what we need. Sometimes it is helpful to find a person on the outside who believes in us and is there for us.

Our bodies store our life experiences, so they might just be waiting for us to listen carefully. So when a symptom – be it physical or emotional – arises, this might point to an inner wish for change. I would be honoured to support you in this healing and searching process.

We work with visualising and embodying internal or external relational dynamics. Thereby we get to know new parts of our identities, who work like an inner family or inner team. The goal is to have more agency in the sense of having more options to make healthy choices for ourselves.

Body-oriented methods from bodywork, dance, to mindfulness practices invite our thinking and feeling to be in dialog.

Being in Relationships

In the work with couples and family we further explore the function of a certain phenomenon within the relationship and how it may be replaced with a more suitable one. My values are based on respect and mutual appreciation and this includes multipartiality towards all persons belonging to a system, regardless of age, gender, culture, status, sexual identity and orientation, and religion.

Rhythms Therapy

POLYRHYTHMS combines Systemic Coaching techniques with the TaKeTiNa rhythms method. IN 2021, the pilot project catered to the needs of a group of refugees from Cameroon and Venezuela from the Queer Refugees Network (QRN). We think that everybody, regardless of their legal status has a right to mental health resources and healing. If you would like to support the continuation of this project, please contact Ali.

In the TaKeTiNa sessions rhythm is used as a tool to strengthen inner-qualities such as intuition and inner balance, as well as social-qualities such as resilience and community belonging. The body becomes an instrument that is building rhythms using steps, clapping, and voice. In this process, participants learn how to fall in and out of the flow of the rhythm and the nervous system learns how to adapt to external and internal blockages in a more sustainable and creative way.

If you are interested in a workshop or team building seminar together with musician and TaKeTiNa-pedagogue Matthias Schirmer, also feel free to please contact Ali.  


The recommended fee is set for the protection of the profession. There is a quota for a discount. You are unable to pay the full fee? Please contact me via E-mail and we will find a solution together.

Private session 60min80-100 €
Multiple people session 90min130-150 €