Ali Schwartz

Certified body-oriented
Systemic Therapist
Relationship / Family Therapist (DGSF)
0152 3762 9050

“The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.”

Esther Perel

About me

I believe that everybody regardless of their background and legal status has a right to wellbeing and mental health. As a process facilitator I work trauma-informed and culture-sensitive.

I identify as white, jewish, queer, able-bodied. I had access to higher education and hold a German and US passport. This is a queer friendly space.

2024-2026 Training as NARM-therapist (attachment-oriented bodypsychotherapy)
2023 Licence as “Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie”
2019-2022 Licence for Systemic Therapy (DGSF), Gesellschaft für Systemische Therapie, Berlin
Training in Psychotherapy for Trans* people (Gisela Wolf, Mari Günther)
Training in Trauma Therapy (Verbundprojekt ECQAT)
2006-2012 MA in Ethics/Philosophy, English Studies, Physical Education, University of Würzburg

international experience
2014-15 Artistic director at Yante – Community Dance Palestine, Ramallah
Professional Dance Program, Vertigo School of Dance, Jerusalem
2012-14 Teacher at ISSR (IB program), Deutsche Schule Stockholm, Stockholm
2008-09 Erasmus Scholarship, Universidad de Barcelona, Barcelona
2005 Professional Dance Program, Broadway Dance Center, New York City
2002 Junior Year, Bozeman High School, Montana

What is Systemic Body Therapy?

Our body is like a big storage for all our life experience. Perhaps it is just waiting for us to listen more carefully to its messages?

When symptoms – be they physical or psychological – show up, they may indicate that something in our relational or inner system is out of balance. Something might be calling for change, calling for support. I would be honoured to accompany you in this process.

In Systemic Body Therapy we work with internal and external relational dynamics which often subconsciously run our lives. On this journey we gain access to different parts of our identities and learn why they work like an inner family or inner team. By understanding and integrating these parts we can find self acceptance and gain confidence to live the life that we chose and desire according to our values and needs.

My work is grounded in body-oriented practices such as Embodiment, Visualisation Work, Bodywork, Movement/ Dance Therapy, Stress Reduction and Mindfulness.

Sounds intriguing? Please connect with me.

Being in Relationships

Nobody knows us better than our partners, children or our closest friends, right? While we can be our best selves in many social contexts, close relationships bring out all of our sides. So when tensions or conflicts arise within relationships they can be seen as an invitation to grow.
So rather than working individually, in relationship therapy we explore the function of inter-personal problems together by taking time to listen to all sides, learn to change perspectives, embrace empathy and learn to stand up for ourselves and each other.

In this process I will be facilitating from a place of multipartiality and meet everyone with dignity, respect and appreciation regardless of age, gender, background, culture, status, sexual orientation or religion.

“Working with Ali has been an anchor, giving me orientation and helping me accept these culturally new surroundings. Ali is a wonderful therapist who really listens. She helped me understand parts of my identity better by dismantling old thought patterns. This not only supported my personal growth, but also had a positive impact on how I navigate in my professional life. I am deeply thankful that I finally found a place where I feel welcome and understood.”
Fernando, 35

Rhythms Therapy

If you are interested in a team building workshop together with TaKeTiNa musician Matthias Schirmer, please contact me.  

In TaKeTiNa rhythm is used as a tool to strengthen inner-qualities such as intuition and inner balance, as well as social-qualities such as resilience and community belonging. The body becomes an instrument that is building rhythms using steps, clapping, and voice. In this process, participants learn how to fall in and out of the flow of the rhythm and the nervous system learns how to adapt to external and internal blockages in a more sustainable and creative way.

POLYRHYTHMS combines peer-to-peer Systemic counselling with the TaKeTiNa rhythms method and is catered to the needs of queer migrants and refugees. If you would like to support the continuation of this project, please reach out.


Online Session 50min 80-100 €
Private session 60min 80-120 €
Multiple people session 90min130-180 €

Please contact me if you would like to work with me, but cannot meet the sliding scale.