Helene Könau

Body Psychotherapy

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2023 – further training in psychodynamic imaginary trauma therapy (developed by Luise Reddemann) with Martina Hahn in ‘Akademie für integrative Traumatherapie Berlin’; training in psychodynamic breathwork with Bo Wahlström

2020 – 2021 further training in trauma therapy (Verbundprojekt ECQAT), online trainings in Peter Levine‘s Somatic Experiencing and extended personal studies of Laurence Heller‘s therapeutic trauma approach NARM

2020 – present: Self-employed work in body psychotherapy in System.Körper.Raum with the German licence as a “Heilpraktiker” (health care professional) for Psychotherapy

2017 – 2022 training in Transformative Body Psychotherapy with Bettina Schroeter in Berlin

2016 – present: working as a physiotherapist

2013 – 2016 training in physiotherapy in Leipzig

2013 – present: self-employed as a yoga teacher in Leipzig

2012 training to become a yoga teacher in Netala, Indien

2008 – 2012 cultural studies at European University of Viadrina in Frankfurt Oder and two semesters abroad in Liège, Belgien

2007 Abitur (A-Levels) in Berlin

1988 Born in Berlin, Buch

About me

I‘m interested in vitality – how it‘s expressed in our bodies and where it gets stuck.

I‘m interested in exploring how people inhabit their body as a place to live their life, and the limitless possibilities to get to know ourselves through our felt senses. With my four years of training in Transformative Body Psychotherapy I am diving deeper into this work and continue to do so. In 2020 I became a psychological „Heilpraktiker,“ which gives me the licence to work psychotherapeuticaly. I am grateful for all the rich expericences through these body psychotherapeutic approaches with other people.

What is Body Psychotherapy?

Body Psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that understands all human experience as embodied experience, from the beginning of our life onward.

As we grow and develop, we meet various challenges and conflicts. In response to these, we develop strategies for coping. Often these strategies are not best for our long term well-being. In terms of how we inhabit our bodies, this often involves patterns of holding tension in our muscles and restrictions of our breathing, maintaining these holding patterns uses up a lot of our energy that might be better spent elsewhere in our lives. These patterns also influence how we experience the world – we stop perceiving things or we lose touch with our felt sense of being alive.

Body Psychotherapy offers a variety of methods and techniques, these will be applied individually, depending on what is appropriate for your needs. For example: body perception, breath, movement, stillness and touch are all potential areas of exploration.


Sessions for individuals

Initial meeting (about 45min)40 €
Session (60min)90 €